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The Three Wings

Cliff Emeny's Story
by Tom Woods

320 pages softcover b/w illustrations, published by Zenith Publishing
ISBN 1-877365-11-4

Reviewed by Paul Harrison

When first viewed, the impression is that this is just another story of a wartime airman. However, once the reader gets immersed into the work, it is obvious that Cliff Emeny was an airman who had a remarkable wartime career, on active operations from the Battle of Britain in mid 1940, to the trauma of being a POW of the Japanese late 1944 – mid 1945.

The Three Wings title reflects that during his Air Force service Cliff was firstly qualified as an Air Gunner, then as a Radar Operator, and finally as a pilot. Again a unique range of qualifications, which enabled him to show leadership in the various squadrons that he served in. It was also and astonishing effort for a man who left formal schooling at age 13.

Shortly before he died in 2000 Cliff flew his son’s de Havilland Vampire jet trainer over New Plymouth ending his life on what must have been a high.

An extremely well researched and written book that takes the reader into the cockpit of a variety of wartime aircraft, explains how the aircraft and tactics were used, and explains the politics evident throughout the RAF during those hectic days.
A highly commended read.



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