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Support Services: People Helping People

Meet our District Support Advisors here.

‘Support’ is one of the core pillars of the RSA movement; reflected in the following RSA objective:

“To promote the general welfare of service persons and former service persons, their families and dependents, and the former families and dependents of deceased service persons or ex-service persons.” [1]

Since the late 1980s, the NZDF’s operational complexity and tempo has increased substantially. During the late 1990s until 2014, NZ created more veterans than any time since WW2. Of the 41,000 Veterans in NZ today, 30,000 have served since the end of the Vietnam War – fully three quarters of our ‘Returned’ population. Our ‘Service’ population is estimated at 100,000 men and women who have served in the military since the end of WW 2.

Recognition of these numbers has led to a widening of our traditional focus beyond our more elderly groups. We pro-actively support current serving NZDF personnel, as well as those who have recently transitioned out of the military, their families and dependents.


The RSA supports our younger and older Returned and Service people, and their families, through the provision of non-government funded support, that assists individuals and families to maintain their quality of life (i.e. health and wellbeing). We can assist in the maintenance of performance and resilience, with a focus on prevention, and post-traumatic growth, for a range of physical and psychological injuries and illnesses bought on by their service. The RSA National Office also delivers major projects in advocating the need for systems to identify and manage the risk to Veterans from environmental toxicity via Nuclear, Biological and Chemical exposure in conflict zones; and engaging private, commercial, NGO and government agencies for the betterment of Returned and Service persons ,and their families and dependants.

Financial Assistance

The RSA National Office administers a number of trusts and funds for the purpose of supporting Returned and Service personnel, their dependents and families, regardless of whether or not they have served overseas or are members of the RSA. The guiding principle behind the granting of financial assistance is ‘need’. Assistance in the relief of social and medical hardship and the advancement of education are the main criteria for considering assistance, although other situations will be considered on their merits. We can also assist ex-Commonwealth and traditional Allied military personnel.

Local RSA Poppy trusts have the same criteria as the RNZRSA trusts and can be used in the same purpose.


Support Services advocates and advises on a large range of health and wellbeing issues that affect our Returned and Service people, and their families. At the national level the RSA National Office advocates with a wide range of government and private sector organisations including Veteran’s Affairs, NZDF, NZ Police, ACC, MSD, Primary and Secondary health providers, and supports clients during the VA and ACC review and appeal processes. District Support Advisers (DSA) can organise assistance for any appeals raised in their district. They have a wealth of experience to draw upon and will work closely with local RSA Support Advisers (LSA) who assist clients through applying for assistance from VA, ACC, WINZ and other local support organisations.


Your local RSA Support Adviser or District Support Adviser are able to assist you in any questions you may have about RSA Support Services. Their details can be found on the Support Services Team page.

[1]RNZRSA Manual



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