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Force for Families







The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) recognises the importance of supporting its people and their families.

Force 4 Families is an NZDF-wide programme designed to support families, improve communication and build a stronger sense of community. The word ‘family,’ is used in the broadest sense to mean those who support and are closest to currently serving NZDF personnel. This can include husbands, wives, partners, children and other whanau members. F4F has online information on handling postings, family and whanau support, financial information, and more – as well as contact details for people to talk to. 

Learn more about how Force for Families can help at

No Duff

No Duff is a volunteer Veterans' NGO committed to providing immediate welfare assistance to past and present members of the NZDF, particularly veterans, in order to ensure that the mental, physical, financial, spiritual and social health of all personnel is maintained at the highest possible level.

The basic concept of operations for this organisation is to provide first response, "boots on the ground" support where and when required to current and former service personnel, particularly veterans, in critical need. To do so we have built a network of volunteers across the country who are willing to support the New Zealand veteran community. No Duff has partnered with the Royal New Zealand Returned Services Association and Veterans' Affairs New Zealand to achieve best effect for New Zealand veterans. No Duff has also joined with Overwatch Australia to form a global support network.

Contact No Duff online.

Viet Nam Veterans and their Families Trust

The Viet Nam Veterans and their Families Trust provides grants to Viet Nam Veterans and their families to assist with relief from poverty or hardship. Grants are additional to any existing entitlements to which Viet Nam Veterans may be entitled. The Trust aims to make day-to-day life easier for Viet Nam veterans and their families who are struggling. For more information on available assistance, click here.

Ex-Services Recruitment

Andrew Berry served in the NZ Police from 1997 to 2010, including a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2009, and is now looking to assist serving and ex-serving NZDF members, including civilians, transition to civilian employment or to help find a new role.

They will assist with CV and interview preparation and getting candidates in front of potential or desired employers looking for ex-service staff to fill their roles. They have helped people with as little as 18 months service and continue to work alongside NZDF, who have referred candidates to his company for assistance.

Andrew recently found work for two Afghanistan veterans, working alongside NO DUFF NZ. They specialise in the recruitment of staff for freight and transport, manufacturing, infrastructure and specialist trade roles. They have branches in Auckland and Waikato and are looking to expand further.

Their services are free and can be accessed at

The New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust 

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand 

When our servicemen and women fall doing their duty for all New Zealanders, the New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust believe it is our duty to support them, and their immediate family members to live full lives. This service has placed, and will continue to place our service people in environments of potential violence and significant personal risk such as in East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to name a but a few. These killed or injured service people are our ‘Fallen Heroes’.

The Trust, loosely modelled on similar international initiatives, aims to fund projects that make a real difference to the lives of our Fallen Heroes and their families. This is intended to help those with physical or mental injuries as a result of their deployed service and their dependents thrive, despite their adversity and loss. The Trust’s contribution will be tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual’s and dependents. Our charity is focused on helping casualties (killed or injured) of New Zealand’s overseas deployments (since January 1999) and their immediate family members, which includes;

Partner of casualties, widow, widower or former partner of deceased;
Children and step-children 25 years and under of casualties and deceased;

We are also working closely with the New Zealand Defence Force in identifying who may eligible as beneficiaries of the Trust. We encourage people who may benefit from our support to come forward and let us know how we might be able to help them.




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